Sunday, October 11, 2009


^ I'm personally adding you to VH1's "Tool Academy."

Along with former doucher Shawn, who just so happened to create a fashion line entitled Kung Fu Hero...based off his shitty happy trail tattoo. Your life is unfortunate....and so is that tattoo.

100 of these boxers have sadly been made. However, on a positive note, I can assure you that only 99 have probably been sold. Shawn being the only buyer, in hopes of self-promoting..then again, that's giving him too much credit. Shawn writes...typos and all...

"They are perfect athletic underwear and ad are sexy when your girl take your pants off after a game. They are also unique with their own design that takes your pants off their own design. The best part about these underwear is that thet have a hiddn inner condom pocket to assure safety and James Bond like suave with the girls check meaning of suave."



Grace Manalo said...

can i just say i miss you, and you are so effing hilarious<3 hahahaa

bonita. said...

hahaha thanks chicka. i miss you the most.