Wednesday, December 30, 2009

in so many words.


Joseph said...

If there is one thing that you DON'T need to change - it's your blog.

Many people write. Most of them write with repetitive themes. All humor. All lust. All life. All love. All rehashing of life in disarray.

Your blog has consistently kept my attention since day one. My mind wanders. A lot. Keeping my attention is not an easy task. You mix things up. I never know what I'm going to get when I read. You write in such a style that it makes your audience feel like they are sitting on a bench with you in the afternoon, having an all-out conversation about your thoughts on that day.

You keep your reader wanting more and more. It's not a quality that a lot of writer's have and it's not something that can be taught.

The "Babes in Beards" segment was fucking hilarious.
I went into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.
I seizured in my seat.
Love it.

Props to you for 09!
Keep doin what your doing!

- Joe

bonita. said...

AH Joe! You are awesome, that really made my day! I'm glad I have you as a fan. To be honest I try to keep my blog as much of 'me' as I can. Like you - my mind wanders to the most extreme places and segments, I often can't keep up. My blog is my legit brain flow and train of thought. I run with what I got. You must be a entry for my "Babes in Beards!" Also- I need your blog again. I Got a new computer and lost your site. =[ you need a blogspot boy!

Thanks for being a regular!
me likes. :o]