Sunday, December 27, 2009


At about 8:23 pm - I received this picture text, and it is by far the best yet. Above is Jimmy, who was already the light of life & Eileen's cousin but even more so because he rung up J-WWOW and took this picture.
J-wwow's purchase:
. a box of cigarettes
. KY Intense Massager
......Shocker. And I kid you not, this is really what she bought. Eileen and I were thinking she'd buy press on nails, condoms, self tanners, glow sticks and a penicillin prescription. I can't stop laughing at her acid washed pants as well. Now, let me clear things up....I for one hate this show. It's horrible but yet so trashy and rich! I discovered this show when I was sick for 2 weeks, chained to my bed with no choice but to turn on tha tube. I haven't watched TV in my bedroom for well over 6months. I get into bizarre fits where, if i watch something.....i get obsessed. And what good is being obsessed with Jersey Shore, when it only makes my IQ drop.....? Well fuckin A...I'm obsessed. Annnnnd I DON'T EVEN LIKE THIS SHOW. I just sit with my jaw on the floor in shock of how these people speak...let alone....LIVE! However - it does make me laugh, probs because I sit herbing them all up. Now i'm watching TV in my room, rotting my brain and I'm NOT a fan of this. Every Monday night I rush home like a lunatic from work to hangout with the crackheads on A&E's intervention...usually sipping wine. I spy a oxymoron. Kill your television.

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