Monday, January 4, 2010

Mouth watering Mustaches.....

oh no's, I was on the cusp of not making Mustache Monday's deadline due to being irresponsible and grabbing dinner and drinks @ Poncho's ALL YOU CAN EAT! I think i will be spending my Mondays a lot differently in 2010!.

. This is great. Even tha cat gets down and the gentlemen's hair & beard - all around fantastic! .

. "I do not do drugs, I am drugs"- Salvador Dali - The art of Manliness .
. Because I just saw Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law is my end all .

. So we don't have Mustaches but We did take our annual date night photo, tonight! .


Joseph said...

So - I'll be leaving for the airport in a bit - BUT - I managed to snap a few pics of the stache this morning ;)

They'll be coming your way when I get back from Honolulu - Enjoy your week! Keep on writing! Talk to ya then!!

PS: <- I'm gonna start writing when I get back :)

bonita. said...

i'm the most excited for them! enjoy your lead a great life that i am so jealous of! I packed my bags and headed to CT over the 4 day break. It was good. I miss my life there, but I'm just a visitor now. I never made it the bar you mentioned...what part of CT? Sounded quite fantastic...added to my to do list, join!

anyways, enjoy your travels! hit me when you are back! =]