Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"Light-echo; from exploding Star"

In this photo we have a star which has exploded. We are seeing the light-burst traveling outwards in all directions as it illuminates dust and gas previously blown-off by the star.

Size comprehension -
Our entire Solar System would fit easily inside the red aura around the star, look again at the dates on the images and remember that light travels at roughly 186,000 miles per second and these pics span 6 months at that speed. I find this fasinating.

                                                              . Sam flores & elephant! .

. forever will make me head bop .

. I hate the music and movie "Grease". get over it!

Lady Gaga - Vogue Hommes Japan by Nobuyoshi Araki, September 2009

. a belly donsha, a snake charmah! loves her outi and jewls & smile.

. aye aye - favorite animal . and yes, I find it cute.

. Ring-tailed Lemus , cousins of the Aye Ayes...adopting soon! .

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