Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"bikers, looooosers!"

I'm now a proud owner of a once seen better days Diamond Back Cross Country bike!

She's a beauty. A lot of character, real retro looking, some rusty areas....and rings of a tree.
I dug it up from my Step Sisters shed, at first glance I didn't think it stood a chance. I brought it
down to a local mom and pop bike shop for a second opinion. Success. For the cost of $130 I put on a set of new tires and some minor things I can't remember. Never the less she runs like a gem. I like the fact that I put the life back into something so beat down. She's a good start. For my first real ride, I road her along the Jones Beach trail which was 8 miles long! It was freakin' great. It road all along the Wantagh highway, over bridges and canals. Super scenic. Kat joined me. We are official bikers, between our great bikes, our gear and bike rack! We have been biking everyday together...working on getting our asses used to the god awful seats! We bike every week night at 6:00 so if you'd like to join us...come come! We plan to hit up a lot of trialsand just all around fun adventures!

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