Thursday, December 30, 2010

"what would you do with it?!"

i made a chunk of money over the holidays.
i promised myself to use and spend it wisely.
With my job closing in a few weeks, i gotta be somewhat responsible.
And i will be. Tattoos and travel and good times is responsible right?
haha -

+ I set an appointment up to get a really meaningful tattoo
   it won't be till sometime in February.

+ Now that my job is ending, I want to take advantage in traveling, so money aside for that.

+ New Years(?) i put money towards it but i dont do new years. a lot of 'choosen words'
   will have to be good to get me out. We'll see. Although i am more willing to do something this year.

+ Money for a dayum Ipod. My mother got one before me and i desperately need one.

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