Sunday, February 13, 2011

Message Recieved+

Why did you not tell me you had a blog? :D

Almost two years running and I did not know this? This was a big surprise to me because I didn't even know you were capable of doing what you were doing. And here we are talking about which direction you want to take!

I took a good look at it. Oh yeah. A real good look at it. You jump around from music, poetry, personal thoughts, visual, everything. And what you talk about and how you put it all together was how I used to do it back at the Stony Brook Press and Myspace. Reminding me of how I used to do and where I was at.

You even take it a step further and show yrself going to all these shows and parties and get-togethers. Not in a forced FB way but in a more trendy, hotter, drop-it-like-it's-shit-hot experience.

Because of this, you're the most diverse female friend I know/have. Being diverse is a BIG fucking plus on the island full of clones, wanna-be's, robots, and dolls.

What REALLY bothers me about yr blog (and the only thing) is that I hardly see people commenting or saying shit about it.

I have so many ideas for a blog/site and my ass is being kicked. I really need to jump on a quick!
Keep it going!

On another note, did you take in anything I sent you the last time?

vmfx left this in my inbox.
An instant warm exposure. A man of great literature, knowledge and wisdom.
A man with an ear and a mouthful of music. If you have returned, Thanks-
i really appericate the feedback and the intrest. Also, sorry. I'm terrible
with the other emails, I will reply! :)

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