Saturday, August 1, 2009

Food for thought.

+ I want to adopt.
+ Shark week begins August 2nd!
+ i want to base my life out in San Francisco.
+ Halloween talk has begun // death of a sales rep.
+ i like me.
+ i want to earn someone, earning me.
+ i need an Intervention from A&E's Intervention.
+ Since i've always wanted, i've always wanted you.
+ My best success will be when i get a little bit older.
+ my future home will consists of junkyard/street curb furniture for conversational purposes.
+ Lately the acoustic guitar makes me melt.
+ i wear my scars like jewelry.
+ this time last year reminds me of growth.
+ i make getting lost look really good.
+ cigarettes haven't been apart of my life for 8 months now.
+ my alarm clock goes off at 12 noon everyday.
+ a boxer named SkriLLa, is a must have in my life.
+ i put Raisnets in my popcorn.
+ blue dreads are in the making.
+ i just want to ribe my bike with a boy.
+ i smile on my own.
+my hair is an asshole.
+ sometimes i miss you, victoria maria and your old ways.

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