Sunday, August 2, 2009

. a Little bit in Love with you .

Lykke Li, my female crush. I freakin adore this lady. I just want to bottle her up and keep her forever. Not only do i love the sound of her voice, but i love her style. I often find myself getting lost in her lyrics, she is something different. Her sound is a indie Swedish // electropop. She has appeared on Sewdish musicians, Kleerup's album contributing vocals for "Until We Bleed" & Royskopp's "Miss it so Much" She is also featured in "Gifted" - N.A.S.A, Kanye West, Santogold. Drake also made a remix to her song "Little Bit" appearing on his album "So Far Gone." Shes done covers from Kings of Leon, A Tribe Called Quest to mixes by Rick Ross. I'm finding that it's actually common for her songs to be remixed and/or covered. Either way, shes baaaad and definitely holding it down.

Side note: This video was done from straight pocket change before she was on LL Records. She gathered friends and rented the apartment displayed in video and did her thing! loves it.

Lykke Li's Jams to get:
(+) my favorites.
. Until we bleed // Kleerup
. I'm Good, I'm Gone (+)
. Little Bit [both orignial and Drake remix] (+)
. Hanging High (+)
. Knocked up
. Miss It So Much // Royksopp
. Breaking it up (+)
. Dance, Dance, Dance (+)
. Let it fall
. Tonight (+)
. Can I Kick it? (+)

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