Thursday, October 1, 2009

When is your daily dose of Bonita?

Joe begins his day with Bonita! Below is an email i recived & was heLLa happy about..

Joe writes:

Oh no! The blog ends in July!

PS: I’m madd jealous of you and your personal days.

I like your writing. Thanks for the link You’ve given me something to read on the way into work in the morning. I take the 6:25 in every day. Usually my train rides consist of watching an episode of Scrubs on my iPhone or staring out the window, trying not to fall asleep. I used to always sleep on the train. Then I found out I’m either all snorefest or I have full blown conversations with myself in my sleep. Now I live in fear. Can’t be all suited up and talking to yourself / snoring!

But yeah.
Bonita’s blog > Scrubs.
For real.
Asshat & Packrad Bell!
That says it all right there.

You don’t even know. I started cracking up so loud when I read that. On the 6:30am train. Eyes glared. People looked. Many judgments were made. Not gonna lie.

hoLLLLLER! + thanks! :o)

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