Thursday, November 5, 2009


You heard the rumors, you heard I was doin it....and now, here's the iLL follow through.....SILK SPECTRE FROM WATCHMEN! I have to say, i killed it.

Day Time Festivites ::

. Stacie as a Tuxedo Bunny & Me as Silk! With our Fighting Crime Faces .

. Black Snake Moan & Kat as JailBate .
. the perfect bun, look @ that tail feather! Loves her .

Night Hustle ::
. Pinkie as a Sexy Pin up, Bunbun, Silk .

. my fellow colleague Rorschach! Watchmen Style, sucker! .

. My Sexy Pin up, she looked amazing & I wanna be Silk forever! .

. We're all soo in Character! .

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