Thursday, November 5, 2009

still trackin/truckin...

Friday the 3Oth half of the Ricky's staff dipped so fast from hell (the store) and headed for a night in town. Everyone and their mom was there.
It was fun. Not many photo's but you get the picture I'm paniting!

. Eileen, boss lady. Green Man! Me lookin hella bent and bunbun<3>

. Singing and Laughing my life away! . Spacey, why are you the cutest?!
. and then I found Jay! Haven't seen him in a year - dope to run into him and restart a friendship! . "I see you're still into dope kicks" He knows. We kinda gave him a bizarre welcome to our shitshow, he hung well. hey, no pun intented, sicko's! ^^P

. How hot are Billy Kay and Kat for h-ween?! .


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