Wednesday, April 7, 2010

area rug beastday,

Today [yesterday] was my Birthday! It was a very chill birthday. I don't really get into B'days much anymore, nor do i like the attention...altho, it made me feel good to recieve birthday wishes from those in my life daily, those that are more distant and those that I have not much contact within the last few years. Just reminds me and makes me happy that these people I haven't spoken or seen in quite sometime are still in my life somehow and pick up where things left off.....easily. It makes me happy that I still am the same person I was to these people, that they still are around. It also made me realize just how much times are changing and how the whole 'facebook/interenet' shit really IS talking over. I mean, half the birthday wishes are sent from Facebook, and i'm not knockin anyone....It just made me not want to ever wish someone a birthday wish over the internet....which I have, but as of today...I won't anymore. A birthday is something personal....what's sad is that I never really thought twice anymore to pick up the phone and call them to say Happy Birthday....the natural move is FB or even Text. That buggs me. And is no longer going to be a career in my life. HOWEVER, I will pat myself on the back becuase I litereally THANKED all of those and even attached a little message. So hoot hoot for me! This all besides the point of my Birthday and Blog! But yeah, So Birthday = Chill. Even though I my FIRST AND ONLY speeding ticket! what tha shit...yeah i know. I was late for school and rushing so I suppose that was the logic behind me doing 85 in a 55. Regaurdless of that..everything was dope. Had the most BEAUTIFUL weather, yes.. you're welcome. Mom says my very first bday the weather was the same! For dinner, went to The Cheese Cake Factory. Came home...Mama made me a burrday cake that was tha yummiest! Brother got me a sick shirt and Discovery channels SHARK WEEK DVD! Amazing. Then off to Bee's garage! Where Bee, Her brother, Anthony and Myself had the most area rug of a garage late night session of all time! I've never laughed so hard. I can not believe....Midget dora, is not an actual midget dora and that her legs were in her COWSUIT the WHOLE TIME!!! !!!! !!!! !!  ! 1 ! !! 1! ! ! !!!!!!!!!! ! ! LIKE !!!!!! ! !! !  ! !!! ! On another shockingly retardted news, they bought me STAR WARS LEGO'S!!!!! !!!! !! ! !  ! ! !!! ! ! ! !  LIKE FUCKING !!! ! !!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grnated it's a joke becuase I am so excited over my lego key chains... but they bought me a friggin lego set! Wait for the video, it's epic.  Area rug beastday for sure. Ok well, it's late and I have a 7am morning in fornt of me and if i don't fall asleep right this minute..tomorrow monring is going to be just as bad as the spelling and correct use of grammar in the blog. + Fin.

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