Friday, June 4, 2010

you dont miss me, you miss the memories.

as pretty as you come
as pretty as you leave


Joseph said...

I miss the laugh. It's like crack; without all those pesky side effects, like death.

bonita. said...

and youuuu can forever make me laugh in seconds! come play already..i can promise the laugh is still like a dying horse struck and gasping for air! and hey! are you comming to GaGa?! july 7th!

Joseph said...

Lol - I'm happy to know :)

I DID manage to get in for the 7th - but - I'm not sure if I'm going yet.

The whole reason why our Miami trip was moved up to the last week of June is because our 1 year anniversary is on July 1st. This automatically freed us up for GaGa, until Paige's family set a date for her younger brothers graduation party (he graduated 8th grade last week).

Paige and her brother are extremely close, just like my sister and me, so she is going to go to her brothers party back in Orlando. She told me that I should go to GaGa but I feel weird about it. I've bonded with Jeremy. We've cannon ball'd, and played Halo together. I've showed him how to make a potato cannon out of PVC pipe and given him girl tips. Plus, I know it would make Paige happy if I came.

To me, making her happy and being there for her brother is more important to me than getting what I want. So - sad to say - but there is a solid chance that I'm going to pass on GaGa this time around.

You should have come out on Friday! I hope babysitting went well. I'll be in Alabama this weekend, but I'll be free the weekend of the 18th. Lets meet up then!

bonita. said...

i adore you. It's nice to hear those little things you do/consider. Most people nowadays don't even think twice. I want you to come home...with the lady! I can't wait to meet her. Babysitting went well, that kid is my heart. Next you are out there, I'll most def shoot out that way! Keep in post about GaGa, I am grossly excited HOWEVER not. I only like GaGa for her whack-a-doo-ness. Lyericaly and Musicaly I dont really support her. Yes, she's doing something right. But she is not an artist that I idolize in the sense of her chaning my life, becuase I'm pretty sure my poker face is already on point. i'm still laughing at the text message recived from you the other day. Hands down the greatest and was excited that you are my friend for it hahahaha! In all are fantastic. So, you are both now in Alabama?! Listen to 'Home' by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. it will reallllly set the scene. Favroite song. good for young lovers! I posted it on here a few entries back. Come home. Bring the wife. Have a beer. make me laugh and tell me about your travels!