Friday, September 10, 2010

Desperately in need...of some...stranger's hand.

Just when I was getting lost in unwelcome thoughts in my head-
Joe and Lisa shaked me up.
For joe, it was an act of his wise words, pick me up's and a critical stance!
With Lisa, she sent me a piece of home. She sent me 'Can't you see - Marshall Tucker Band.'
True classic annnnnnd they are in Connecticut for Taste of Danbury. I'm hoping to get out there.
Two of my best.<3


OkayStopYelling said...
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OkayStopYelling said...

I had a weird dream afterward where I ran into you on the street and you said that zombies were after you for your pineapple. And I was like WHAT?! And then you put a pineapple in my hands and a swarm of zombies started coming after me for your pineapple.

We later ran through the woods, pineapple in hand, into a cabin and once we got inside, we were surrounded by an army of fat old men in Santa Clause outfits who danced around us and wanted your pineapple.