Monday, October 11, 2010

Nature is a language can't you read?

Sunday was my only day off from Halloween hell at my job. What better way to spend the day hiking with my girrrrrrrrl?! Kat and I got egg sandwich's, and green teas from Starbucks and headed to New Jersey Palisades Overlook. It was a perfect day to visit this spot we've been trying to get to for a few months now. My camera died half way through so below are pictures that i took. Kat has the rest. I learned that Kat is afraid of heights and i am the epidemy of an Aries.Kat needs to think of everything and every move before she makes up her mind. Me on the other hand, as an Aries, WE JUST DO IT! Good and bad. I literally climbed over the barricades to take pictures at the end of the cliff that rose soo high that if you were to fall it would be an instant death. I had to talk Kat into joining me right up to the very edge - it was a high for me...Literally. Over time she did. We are rule breaks for the rush, experience and photos. The grounds were pretty decent for the location. The overlooked viewed parts of the Hudson River and Westchester NY.

+ More to come.

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