Saturday, December 11, 2010

distance blows...

My facebook status read: "i've grown so tired of you, Long Island."

Lisa- nauseatingly too? i saw your status lol

Me- hahahaha yes! nothing makes me wanna go out and do something.

Lisa- this area so lameeeeee

Me- mannn i really wish we lived closer.

Lisa- goddamnit i know even if it was like just an hour but its a fuckin hike
Me- i know :(:(
Lisa- because theres people i could call right now but i dont wanna deal with the bullshit, if you lived closer we'd be hangin right now
Me - hahaha, excatly! to the point id rather be alone then do all that bullshit.
Lisa- exactly, and you know my pathetic options over's not right
Me- where excatly are you?

Lisa- I feel like shit should be more enlightening and exciting at this age....hanna and joeys alone (which is better than with them hah well hanna at least)

Lisa- if we met somewhere halfway what kinda time are we looking at...

Me - umummmm im trying to think what excatly the 'middle' is

Me- would that bring us to white plains?
Lisa- probably right around there
Me -could it really be 45 mins?
Lisa -  that sounds like half to you know anything in that area, just a shitty dinner im chill with.
* so we did our calculations and realized that time wasn't on our side for our stupid sunday work shifts, money was not really but really an issue anddd we'd waste more time driving towards each other than with each other....sadly we passed it up. BUT, did intend to make it happen at a later date. *
Lisa- yeah little ridiculous, we'll plan this out better and not do it on a bitter-bender hah
if the drive was with you like roadtrip status AWESOMe but to sit in the car by myself id rather spend more time with you...dude such lesbos....

REASON NUMBER 345348590438593846834768956 I LOVE LISA ROGERS.

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