Monday, January 17, 2011

thing(s) 2.

^ that made me laugh.

. my brain is in over load today, can barley keep up

. i just sewed an old sweater back up and added a new look to it with big brown buttons.
 its good as new again!

. i accidentally stole a pair of earrings....from a thrift shop. so many good wrongs.

. my car is so mad that i've been driving it everywhere latley

. my brothers feet smell so bad, that i am mad at him.

. twice this week i've been called 'wacky' and i take it as a compliment

. i really love hoopties and beards

. i made a cool beaded necklace

. Pasty Cline forever makes me think of times at my dads. He would cook and have her on
in the background.

. I'm really drifting away from long island

. If a turtle looses it's shell is it homeless or naked?! o_O

. i do just about everything in my car, from watching movies to putting on deorderant.

. i miss how chilling is, in CT.

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