Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today, "Deal or No Deal" made it's way into tha stores. Wiz Khalifa's new joint has knocked out artists like Birdman and 50, to reach the #1 spot on iTunes! It's fire. Wiz is infact; my guilty pleasure. He's got a wrap on me, and I'm with it. Funny thing is, back when myspace was hot, I didn't really know what tha hype about him was all about. He actually sent me emails, I shunned him. Who even am I to do such...right?! He sent tracks, followed my game haha. I never knew him, but me made it a mission...and now Imma Fan. I liked his fairly new mix tape "Burn after Rolling" He's makin it. I have a small crush brewin' over here. He's so smooth and good on the eyes ;]. Get familiar with him!


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