Wednesday, November 18, 2009

. nice with the hands .

Today, while I sat in class, a fellow student like my palms! She was an older lady, 42 she said. From Pakistan, with a thick accent and very knowledgeable. I could actually sit and listen to her speak for hours. When she talks to you, she shuts everything out and literally talks to you, it's quite nice. Unlike myself - I have 5 conversations within one and "have the attention span of a baby bird." Greg gore once said that to me. If you were to ask me this ladies name, I would probably look at you and give you the "fuck, did i just step in dog shit?!" look. I have no idea what it is, and it annoys me because she knows mine and makes me chuckle when she pronounces my name "Vish-toria." It's awesome. So I sat across the table from her, extended my right arm - She used the right hand beacuse it's said to displays your future or some spiritual shit like that. Well, she didn't say it like that, but you get me. So, now I'm looking at her, looking at me, looking at my palms - anxiously awaiting to hear the word. The outcome: not too shabby!

From my right hand, she was able to tell me a lot. She studied the curvature of the lines, my hands flexibility, shape and color. Even showed me which was a "heart line" and a "life line". Interesting! She told me, I'm a very memorable person, and GOOD person that is trust worthy. She also said I will be successful with the education and career I choose. Money, I would make a decent about to live comfortably and not struggle. She said it's not a big issues for me and I'm not "money hungry" She also mentioned I have a lot of focus in my relationships meaning that I am with it for life and am loyal - However, if things were to take a drastic turn for the worse, for example a divorce, she said it would be hard for me to find another "serious" relationship again. I'm also ''over confident'' and "stubborn"....HELLO ARIES! She saw I don't like doing household things and when I get angry I am angry! When I make a decision, it's final and normally most people can't talk me out of it, I make my own decisions. She then took my left hand, bent it, moved it and moved it again. She wasn't able to get a clear reading but she was able to make out I would have one child, from what she could see.

I'll take it! I really dig on this kind of stuff. I know it will never be right on point - in fact I see it more as a "guideline" and hey now, who doesn't need some gui(dance) dance dance just dance?!

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