Monday, August 9, 2010


i've realized that each time i do a "Google" search, it never is what it says in the sugessted drop down box.
What I search, usually never has the suggested words it thinks you mean or have done a pervious search for, or even by the most popular search upon requests. Kinda made me laugh, makes me wonder what it is the rest of the world searches for.

+ also, left over cold sweet potatoes with crispy marshmellows on top makes for the ultimate best munchies meal, mom you rule so hard.


OkayStopYelling said...

Everytime I do a Google search. I'm pretty sure it fills in the word "porn" after everything I write.

No matter what I search for - I always get naked people!

Chinese Food Place - Geisha porn.
Mother Theresa - Hott Milfs
R. Kelly - Sexy Unerage Teens
Zac Efron - Gay Dancing Studs

I'm afriad to google my mom.
Bad things will happen.
I know it :X

OkayStopYelling said...

PS: I'm raiding your fridge the next time I play hookey at work.

If you wake up and there is a dagger stuck in your refrigerator door with a note ransom note attached and sweet poptatoes missing- It was me.

bonita. said...

HAHA - well if you are searching Zac Efron which is bizzarre in itself...i'm sure it would be naked people!

My mom would love you, you eat the most! But seriously, her foods - jesus god that i dont believe in - are they delish!