Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Morning-

Today was really funny; to me at least. I woke up from a weird ass dream, something about me singing somewhere. But I woke up from that and instantly was like "what the fuck." Then I was instantly mad because I wasn't ready to get up, and for some reason my brother was home. Who than began to ring the front door in a gross exaggeration of 20 times. So now i'm forced to wake up and open the door and begin my day. So it began. In my stone washed jeans, combat boots, V neck, fannel vest, hair parted in the middle and uncombed...and no plan I headed to Manhassest for GOD KNOWS WHY! From there I went to the "Americana  Mall" and for those who don't know, it's an outdoorsy UP THE FUCK SCALE a ray of stores. Here's a taste for your thirsty self: Parda, Micheal Kors, Channel, Osar De La Renta and so forth. As i'm walking around laughing to myself at the type of people here and working here, i'm thinking how much of the fucking Twilight Zone this place truly is. Now I'm walking and walking acting like i know just what the fuck i'm doing here (even know i haven't the slightest clue) when all of a sudden - on the fancy path i was on - a 5 star legit lunch/dinner setting is taking place....with 3 chiefs in there white crisp lab like coats and serving these luxurious locals. What do I do...after taking in what the fuck is actually going on 5 steps ahead of me.....? I WALK THROUGH THE FINE WINE AND DINE THAT IS CURRENTLY GOING ON! Heads arose from their $500 sirloin steaks. Looking back, 'the correct and normal' thing would have been to walk around onto the 'driving/walking' area rather than disturbing the meal. These people must have gotten just as good as a laugh as i did. Just from my outfit. I found myself hysterically laughing to the point i sent a text message to Brandon because I needed to share my laughter with someone. Now that that was enough to make me get the fuck up out of there, I got into my car and lit up a once smoke joint, that was well needed after that bizarre encounter. So now my plan was....Ok let's go to the most complete end of where i am that is the most out of the way for a day with nothing planned. I go to Northport, why? again I have not a clue. Northport is a fake town to me. 2 years or so ago i used to be there a lot, i associate it with dumber days. So I sometimes have a love/hate for Northport. And shut up, "Northpo" is so lame. Don't be caught saying that, suckers. Now I'm in the town of Northport with no plan - so i decided to park my car and walk around. Got coffee and shopped, minus the fact i'm semi broke. I walk into a store and like the impulsive Aries that i am - I HAVE TO buy this iron flowered cork screw stopper thing for my mom. It jumped up at me and made me think of my Mother earth of a mom so i got her it. Not something I normally do but apparently i get stoned and buy people things.....see, us stoners never do anybody wrong! I'm rambling, I'm aware. So i purchase my item but can't keep focus because the little cute store i was in was so homey and decorated so great to the point i had to say something. I began talking to the owner who later tells me how her husband was the master mind behind his empire. I totally dug his story. I thought for sure it would be the other way around judging by just how nicely and well thought out it truly was. I'd say it was a pleasant zinger on their part! I told them how it inspired me and how i liked being apart of their own little world, just by purchasing a gift. I think thats part of why I got Mother Earth something. I liked knowing they were an independent good hearted people making a honest living that I enjoyed giving my money towards what they do. Even if i'm broke as shit right now - ha. My mood is very content, relaxed, with a 'home' like feeling running through me. Very simple day, for a openly-closed mind. Now eat shit and die. hahahaha I re read this before i posted it and it made me think how 'up beat' it sounded that when i literally got to the end i said "now eat shit and die" that i had to add. Oh, brain you are so weird. FIN.

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