Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Miami 1969-

Drunken, so far gone, bearded Jim at his best. Live in Miami is hands down, sure shot, my OF ALL TIME favorite "Five to One" versions. This is the infamous Miami concert where it is said the Lizard King exposed his cock! Morrison grew tired of people not listening to his poetic words and being viewed as a "sex goddess" or a drunken musician. Morrison wanted to be known as the poet he is. You can truly hear just how fucked up he really was and how the background music is so distorted.  And the rage in his voice and rath of what he really is trying to say.

"You're all a bunch of fuckin' idiots...Lettin' people tell you what you're gonna do! Lettin' people push you around! How long do you think it's gonna last?! How long are you gonna let it go on?! How long are you gonna let them push you around?! How long?! Maybe you like it! Maybe you like being pushed around! Maybe you LOVE IT! Maybe you like getting your face stuck in this shit! C'mon! Maybe you love getting pushed around! YOU LOVE IT DONT YA, YOU LOVE IT. You're all a bunch of slaves! Letting everybody push you around! - What around gonna do about it?! What are you gonna do about it?! What are you gonna do about it?! What are you gonna do about it?!What are you gonna do about itttttttt?! What are you gonna do about itttttttt?!  What are you gonna do?! What are you gonna do?! What are you gonna do?!!!!!"

Give it a listen, you'll be amazed and promised a laugh at how genius he is! Truly a fuckin' movement!

6:45 update after already being posted: My mom got mad when i opened our sliders to our backyard
and recitiedscreaming all of "YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF FUCKIN' SLAVES" and so on...she got mad.

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