Monday, December 27, 2010

tooday was not real.

old and new woken too-
p's and q's and fuck you's
ditched and scooped-
realizing someone taking intrest
and someone not intrested.
scrambled eggs and i'm not talking the breakfast food.

snowed in family divided by days
feversleeves trips to the movies
next online to realize the obnoxious not stoned
brats would be in the same room and we yelled
fuck it and left to hit off alarms and ask for something
good to happen and the radio says right from the start

i realized the best molecular  feeling is when you're  baggy sweats
fall down your calf when you are laying on you're stomach and playing
with someone elses christmas gift: THE SIMS who had a beard
and your tube socks are there to cover the cold winter's storm.

fucking little things....they get on you.

and then i was thought of when someone saw this:

and i was honored.

to someone else thinking my "my taste for space" was like this:

and I misread it and thought it was my hip hop wanted so i said i'm more like........:

.....and whats wild is this is only one day.

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