Thursday, January 13, 2011


I hate when I go to the pantry, to the refrigerator and then back to the pantry and act like something is going to better then the last time i was just there...

the music i start to clean my room with is always the total opposite at the ending time of room cleaned.

i think in words.

if your a passenger and i like you, i'll most likely play the baseline of the song on your legs.

i get happy legs when i'm happy.

my best friend and i have the most mind blowing conversations up and down 110.
i will most likely call you at random points, pick you up and make you ride for a drive...

i have absolutely no sense of direction and just shoot and pray for the best

i'm slightly in love with my Turkish gas station attendant.

which is odd because i always feel like a gas station murder would be so amazing and cant
believe is hasn't happened yet (?) that i kinda freak out because thats the thought i get EVERYTIME
at a gas station that i lock my doors keep the window open a crack and push in my car lighter.

i still hate the process of putting sheets on the bed.

as mush as i love words, i dont read as much as you'd think.

i have a hard time understanding how "LOL" and things like "Snooki' are real life things.

i answer my phone "HUH-LOW?!" many will think i'm pissed.

i don't know how to not whip my car around turns, it's almost impossible.

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