Sunday, September 13, 2009

Special Sauce(y)

Friday morning, my cell goes off playing "The Roots"....on the other end was Nessa! "OMG! I Kick ass! hahaha, We got the new Hellz and Stussy and tassles and leggings and grommets Oh! My!" Soo, I went shopping. I'm convinced Nessa is the source of my HellzBellz addition. We played dress up. Nessa dressed me up in all the new items from Hellz Bellz "Style Warriors 09" end all. Hellz says the collection is a "Drawing upon cross-cultural sophistication, and a diverse, Aztec-inspired color story, ‘Style Warriors’ truly embodies the aspirations of iconoclast women." The collection is serious, so many great pieces..funky as well! We threw pieces together, mixed and matched, 'yay-ed' & 'nay-ed', accessorized(sp?)..over all had a fun time! I ended up buy the Hellz Boyfriend Tee, inspired by the Elle Magazine. I absolutely love the cut of it, it can be worn off the shoulders and/or belted! I plain to wear it with a set of ripped thights and combat boots, something like how they featured it in their line. I also bought the most fabulous Hi-waisted leggings. They are pretty bonkers and demand attention. Last I bought a grommet vest from Stussy..I haven't found it on the website yet - but it's excellent! Some ladies feel "sexy" in nothing...a little black dress, or perhaps lingerie...for's ANYTHING from HellzBellz. The fit is always just right, the graphics...on point & can be rocked several different ways. Hands down it's the best line for women.


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